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Maya Medical solution was founded on 16 July 2000.We are pleased to introduce ourselves as a renowned laboratory manufacturer and supplier of Scientific Equipment, Lab Plasticware, Reagents, Kits and offer various services i.e primer Synthesis, peptide synthesis, gene synthesis,RT PCR Probes etc. Today, we employ talented sales and service professionals across all key locations - to ensure you receive unrivalled customer service in your location. . Our vibrant organisation with staff spread across all over India and we do this by working closely with sector partners , network of distributors more than 200 in numbers.

Our mission is to highlight India achievements and capability in biotechnology to a global audience in order to accelerate industry growth and innovation. We are one-stop solution to your biotechnology lab needs.Our purpose is to create brighter lives through the biotech platform for people today and generations to come.Perfect product quality is our number one priority; as a result and to our honour, we are recognized and recommended for our quality on a global level.

As our customer, you deserve excellent service, starting from the right packaging for your application through to swift and reliable delivery. We take great care to ensure every product arrives on site in a suitable packaging and reliable delivery. We will do our most best to provide you with the highest levels of logistical support that takes into consideration your specific requests and all environmental concerns as standard.